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Welcome to Multi-Link Group Limited

Multi-Link Group Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Kenya in 2010 whose main objective was to provide clean energy solutions and technologies that will improve peoples' standards of living, health and eliminate energy poverty burden. Towards this end Multi-Link has engaged in households energy appliances, solar PV distribution and installation, and has also planned a grid-connected solar project.

About Us

We provide modern, clean and reliable home cooking devices using plant oil and bio-ethanol technologies. Multi-Link’s vision is to tackle deforestation and environmental degradation by providing alternative cooking devices that are safe, affordable and a healthy option for any ordinary household.

Our Products

Multi-link is making available modern home cooking stove technologies that uses clean fuels as a new source of home use energy that is a healthier and affordable option including plant oils and bio-ethanol.


We’re committed to helping meet the country’s need for energy while taking steps to protect the environment. We believe that is the right thing to do and that is critical to our success in a world in which energy sources should be compatible with an environment that’s clean, safe and healthy.

Clean Energy

Multi-Link is taking a pragmatic approach to renewable energy—pursuing and focusing on technologies that leverage our strengths and partnerships. These include: Solar energy development, biofuels and energy efficiency technologies.