• Creation of Value

    Understanding the sources and drivers of value creation within the industry

  • Client Satisfaction

    Understanding what our clients want and seeing that they receive it

  • Environment

    Helping meet the country’s needs while protecting the environment

  • Community

    We carry out social projects with multiple benefits for surrounding communities

Welcome to Multi-Link Investments Group Limited

Established in 2010, Multi-link Investments Group Ltd. (Multi-link) is a 100% Kenyan-owned and operated leading multi-industry provider with an outstanding reputation for service, designed to meet or exceed our client’s expectations even in the most complex situations throughout East Africa. We take pride of serving the Kenyan Government, various county governments, international organizations, various UN Agencies, disciplined forces, NGOs and commercial, for-profit companies. We focus all efforts on consistently delivering quality and service which exceeds the toughest demands and scheduling.

Multi-link Trading

Multi-link Sustainability Africa


With years of experience, assets on ground, solid financial strength and skilled/technical professionals on staff, Multi-link stands ready to provide construction-related services for both small and large projects focused in Kenya and the East Africa region.

Renewable Energy

Multi-link provides clean energy solutions and technologies that will improve peoples’ standards of living, health and eliminate energy poverty burden. Towards this end Multi-Link has engaged in households energy appliances, solar PV distribution and installation.

General Supplies

Our team of procurement professionals have extensive contacts throughout East Africa. We have hands-on experience in providing a wide variety of products to suit the most demanding of clients and stringent delivery requirements.


Multilink contributes to the economic and social well-being of people in the areas where we operate because we recognize that business success is deeply linked to society’s progress. Our investments in communities also are investments in the long-term success of our company, and they deliver mutual benefit and promote shared progress.