Clean Lighting

Solar Lanterns

Multi-Link Group Limited is working to revolutionize green energy landscape in Kenya and the region by bringing clean energy solutions for home based cooking and lighting incorporating new technologies that will improve peoples’ standards of living, health and eliminate energy poverty burden.

We acknowledge and recognize the fact that the current access to modern energy services for the majority of the population is not only low, but will remain a key barrier to attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the region.

It is now universally acknowledged and recognized in Kenya that even though energy in itself is not part of the MDGs, it’s development, access and use will significantly determine the level of success in achievement of the MDGs. Energy is a key input in the fight against poverty, hunger and malnutrition (MDG1), achievement of universal education (MDG2), gender parity through emancipation and empowerment of women (MDG3), reduction of infant and child mortality (MDG4), reduction of maternal mortality (MDG5), halting and reversal of the spread and associated fatalities of diseases, especially malaria, HIV and AIDS (MDG6), and improved access to water and sanitation and application of sustainable environmental policies and practices (MDG7).

Clean lighting to promote education in Kenya

As school children prepare to sit their final exams towards the end of the year, most find it difficult to study at night as they cannot afford basic lighting, and those who do have to cope with highly polluting and unhealthy forms of lighting in forms of rudimentary lanterns and kerosene wick-lamps. This is made worse by the fact that kerosene remains expensive and out of reach of many households.

Clean lighting solar lanterns to a community will have a number of benefits, including:

    1. Children will be able to study at night in clean and reliable atmosphere.
    2. Households will be able to save on their monthly energy budgets.
    3. Technology will help harness the power of the sun, which is an absolute free resource.
    4. Will contribute to environment conservation and curb global warming.
    5. Mobile phones charging from the kit easing current hustles of getting power.




0 Electric costs
2 Years warranty
5 Years’ service life

Lighting Performance:

4 Brightness setting for flexible using
Automatically turns semi-bright when battery is low
Separated solar panels and lighting units for easy use
The main lamp is able to light up an area of 15 sq.m