With years of experience, assets on ground, solid financial strength and skilled/technical professionals on staff, Multi-link stands ready to provide construction-related services for both small and large projects focused in Kenya and the East Africa region, with specific focus on:

Proposal Development
Bid Submission
Construction Supplies
Road Construction and Repair
Stand Alone Facilities
Extensive Renovations
Project Management

For a list of projects and to schedule a time to discuss your specific construction requirements, contact us today.

Water Solutions Division

We provide water projects related works including engineering, earthworks, dam construction, sewer works.

Other services we offer include:

Multimedia Sand Filter
Membrane Filtration
Reverse Osmosis
Water Softeners
Water Deionizers
Chemical Dosing Systems
Chlorine, uv & ozone disinfection
Dissolved Air
Flotation, Clarifiers and lamella Plate Separators
Strainers, Screens, Gag filters & Cartridge filters
Iron Removal filters
Activated Carbon filters
Domestic water filters

University of Nairobi – Lower Kabete Campus Sewer system is among of signature projects in this division.