Emerging Energy

Emerging Energy

To meet the growing energy demand of developing economies, especially household needs, we will need every energy source available, focusing on efficiency and renewables.

We believe that the skills we have honed so far and experience in finding, producing and delivering clean energy will lead to commercial-scale development of renewable resources. To reach this point, we are focusing on research and development of renewable energy technologies that are scalable, sustainable and profitable. BSH is a world leader in manufacturing of home appliances and have used their acquired expertise in designing the Protos cooker for the developing markets.

Multi-Link is taking a pragmatic approach to renewable energy—pursuing and focusing on technologies that leverage our strengths and partnerships. These include advanced biofuels and energy efficiency technologies. This is by conducting internal research and collaborating with government, businesses and academia in researching and developing alternative and renewable energy sources. Through these partnerships, we share information and help to advance technology as we look at providing clean and renewable energy for future generations.

Renewable energy offers a means of providing people with electricity at little or no expense to the environment. By definition renewable energy is that which comes from resources that are naturally occurring and inexhaustible, such as the wind and sun. Access to energy also facilitates the provision of basic goods and services such as healthcare, education, water, and sanitation. Multi-Link energy’s strategies combine the use of renewable energy technologies with objectives of poverty alleviation to raise the well-being of Kenyan’s, especially those in rural areas.

Plant Oils and Solar

Biofuels and solar energy are part of Multi-Link’s renewable energy focus areas. We believe that biofuels that complement conventional fuels will play an increasing role in meeting the world’s growing energy needs.

We are currently contracting farmers in groups to plant castor for plant oils in a manner that is sustainable and does not conflict with food production. Castor does well in most regions of the country. In the farming communities, we are encouraging planting of Castor as a hedge around the farms to provide the farmers with extra income from feedstock sales.

Multi-Link is an environmentally conscious and socially aware business venture with the aim of creating sustainable communities. The world energy economy is rapidly developing and we are at the forefront developing and implementing energy solutions now for the benefit of our citizens, present and future.

There is a great global debate going on now over how to deliver the world’s future energy needs, a debate that excites and engages us to be part of the delivery of a solution. Multi-Link actively champions the use of low carbon output energy solutions, and large scale solar power generation being key.

Sustainability is another key element in our energy drive. By that we mean that we need to balance the social, economic and environmental “pillars” of our development. Innovation in the energy sector is giving us more options to explore and evaluate before deciding on an optimum implementation. The developments must make long term economic sense.

“Biofuels are the future of energy in this nation and around the world” — Rod Blagojevich