Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental impact assessment

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is a systematic analysis of projects, policies, plans or programmes to determine their potential environmental impacts, the significance of such impacts and to propose measures to mitigate the negative ones.
The underlying key principles of EIA are that every person is entitled to a clean and healthy environment and that every person has a duty to enhance and safeguard the environment.
EIA is both a planning and decision-making tool. As a planning tool, EIA will present you with methodologies and techniques for identifying, predicting and evaluating potential environmental impacts of your project including plans and programmes in the project cycle (planning, implementation and decommissioning phases). The EIA process presents you and other decision makers with the information necessary to determine whether or not the project should be implemented.

At Mutilink, we have three lead experts and a number of associates authorized by NEMA to undertake EIA studies.